Doers and Dreamers – Isaac and Elena Cruz

It’s getting to sound like an old story, but it’s a great story. After seeing what this area has to offer, many people are deciding to put down roots solidly here by opening their own businesses. Investing their time, money, and reputations in their enterprises, they are all making this community a much more vibrant […]

Catch These Incredible Peacocks Running Wild!

Throughout the city stand twenty-two peacocks, meticulously and ornately decorated as part of a fundraiser to rebuild the Kinderland playground in Forsyth Park. The fundraiser was kicked off by the Junior League of Kingston and hopes to raise $20,000 from the sale of the peacocks towards the $170,000 needed to build Kinderland II. The peacocks […]

Doers and Dreamers – Matthew Pleva

Not only has Kingston seen an influx of artists from all over the world, we’ve got some homegrown talent of our own making a go of it with their own creations, as well as promoting the art of others. It’s not a wonder that Kingston is becoming a regional Mecca for artists when there is […]

Doers and Dreamers – Meghan D. Rapp

It’s always great to see young entrepreneurs taking initiative and trying to establish a business in our community. Say ‘Hello’ to this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Meghan Rapp, who is making her fashion statement by opening a new boutique down on the Rondout Waterfront. Your name: Meghan D. Rapp Business or organization: MDR Boutique Occupation: […]

Broadway Comes Alive With a Fabulous Fiesta

For a second year, a huge Block Party was held on Broadway to celebrate Mexico and Central America Independence Days which are Sept. 16 and Sept. 15, respectively. The Center for Creative Education, Latino Committee of Kingston and Roca Florists coordinated and promoted the event which drew a crowd that exceeded last years by a […]

Doers and Dreamers – Sean Andrew Murray

It’s not often that you meet someone that actually has their fantasy job, and in this case it’s in the ‘fantasy’ industry. He is also making an impact locally as one of the contributing artists of the Junior League of Kingston’s “Park Peacocks Run Wild” fundraiser program. Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Sean Andrew […]

Midtown Latin Festival and Car Show Takes Over Broadway This Weekend

Once again, central Broadway will be the scene for a festive block party to celebrate Mexican and Central American Independence Day by showcasing the rich cultural heritage of those countries.  There will be lots of food and entertainment along with a vintage car show for young and old alike to enjoy on Broadway in front […]

About Kingston, N.Y.

Kingston, New York has always been a hub for culture, commerce and tourism. Today, this former state capital has evolved into a vibrant destination that attracts visitors from around the world. Bounded by the majestic Catskill and Shawangunk mountain ranges to the west and the mighty Hudson River to the east, Kingston is an exciting […]

Doers and Dreamers – Kyle McDermott

It’s easy to get the perception that the local restaurant scene is being heavily influenced by restauranteurs moving in from outside the local area. However, there is some home-grown culinary talent that is helping even established restaurants in our area adapt to the ever-changing expectations of diners . Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Kyle […]

Doers and Dreamers – Zoe Dunn

Hanging out in Kingston, I often hear a consistent scenario from people that have moved to this area. Many newcomers(relatively speaking) to the Kingston area are professionals that aren’t required to set up shop near where their clients’ are located. Having a lot of options as to where they could reside, they chose Kingston for […]

It’s Hooley on the Hudson Time again!

This Sunday, Aug. 31, the Annual Hooley on the Hudson kicks off as one of the area’s finest Celtic Festivals with a great program of Irish music and  dancing as well as vendors galore. Shuttles available from Kingston Plaza or the Cornell Street Public Parking Lot. Handicap Parking available at Kingston Point. Pictures from last […]

2nd Annual Kingston Festival of the Arts

Kingston’s Festival of the Arts is ten days of music and dance by well-known performers brought together by Kerry Henderson of the Uptown Gallery. Henderson, who is a world-renown opera singer himself, will be opening the festival with other vocalists and musicians Thursday, Aug. 21 at his Uptown Gallery venue. From then, until Sunday, Aug. […]

Doers and Dreamers – Vinnie Rua

The traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ model of retailing has certainly been challenged by internet sales but it is also being challenged by a model that is based on a personal and custom approach to doing business without a static location. Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Vinnie Rua, who is making that model work in […]

Doers and Dreamers – George Donskoj

The art scene in Kingston is exploding with an influx of new artists, new gallery openings and the recognition from a lot of major media outlets as a vibrant arts community. Probably, very few people realize that there has been a small group of art survivalists that have always been around, keeping the heartbeat of […]

Doers and Dreamers – Doug Wygal

It’s funny how sometimes old becomes new again and how the fast-paced world in big corporations in big cities doesn’t appear to be all that glamorous anymore. This week we are featuring a new local businessman from the corporate world of NYC that is setting up shop to sell an old product to new and […]