“There Will Be No Ants”, and Color Will Surround You

“I’ll affect you slowly

as if you were having

a picnic in a dream.

There will be no ants.

It won’t rain.”

– Richard Brautigan

Theresa Drapkin’s solo exhibition of pastels at Cornell St. Studios, entitled “There Will Be No Ants”, explores fleeting moments of pleasure. Florals, fruit and flâneurs are depicted in outdoor scenes and interior scapes.The title of the show was inspired by the poem, I’ll Affect You Slowly, by Richard Brautigan.

Theresa’s art is best known for its color-saturated, casually representational still-lifes, each professionally framed in vintage frames discovered in New York. Her work is hardly quiet or traditional. Her figurative paintings profile botanical and domestic shapes in a stylized light.

Theresa received her MFA from Pratt Institute. She enjoys working mostly in pastel, which innately lends itself to imperfections, and is inspired by graphic, interior and floral design as well as her time spent outdoors in the Hudson Valley. Aside from other local galleries, Theresa’s work has also been on display at the New York Botanical Gardens.

This is Theresa’s second solo show in the Cornell St. Studios Main Gallery. We invite you to view the work of this local artist and attend the opening reception this Friday, August 7, from 5-8 pm.

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