Doers and Dreamers – Carla Rozman

I sometimes hear people in our community lament the decline of traditional business and manufacturing jobs in this area while discounting the recognition and prestige that Kingston is garnering as an ‘artist friendly’ town. The arts are infused into almost everything we do, and there is a ‘business’ of art that goes beyond creating paintings […]

Doers and Dreamers – Dan Gruner

The KingstonHappenings.Org calendar is filled with fundraisers and benefits each month that have been organized and promoted by an amazing collection of non-profit and service organizations that benefit individuals and our entire community. Usually at the helm or forming the backbone of those organizations are area business people that take time from their businesses and […]

Doers and Dreamers – Eryn Stutts

If you’re going to set up shop on Broadway in Kingston across from the biggest theater venue in the region, it helps to have the personality and panache to match your most influential neighbor. This week’s Doer and Dreamer Eryn Stutts does, and  wants to sling some unique Southern concoctions your way to make you feel […]

Doers and Dreamers – Nadine Fescoe Ferraro

Sometimes it’s just amazing how some people find a niche that just suits them so well, while at the same time play a role that benefits the community. This week’s Doer and Dreamer, Nadine Ferraro, serves our community as a ‘professional cheerleader’ on many levels by working with many non-profits, promoting local businesses, and making […]

Doers and Dreamers – Ken Darmstadt

Persistence,  adaptability, passion and insatiable curiosity are always beneficial traits for an entrepreneur to have to ensure longevity in a tough business climate. This week’s Doer and Dreamer, Kenny Darmstadt, has demonstrated that he has those traits and a lot more over the years. He has woven the varied interests that he has on many […]

Doers and Dreamers – Lizette Rachel Alvarez

Looking for Doers and Dreamers keeps me focused on a lot of things that are happening here in the Kingston area, whether it is new businesses opening, interesting people moving in to our area,  individuals making a positive contribution to the community, or people just doing something unique and interesting. It is especially encouraging to […]

Doers and Dreamers – Lucas O’Keefe-Sommer

It’s always encouraging to see someone enter a niche market and be successful at it. It’s even more so when it’s a business that can provide kids, as well as adults, with a unique skill-building experience along with a lot of entertainment. Say ‘Hello” to this week’s Doer and Dreamer who has created a space […]

Doers and Dreamers – Che Sharp-Jackson, P.T.

The route that some people take to eventually land here in the Hudson Valley is certainly interesting sometimes. However, we should all be glad that people take that route because most likely, they will contribute to our community in a very positive way. That’s definitely the case with this week’s Doer and Dreamer,  Che Sharp-Jackson, […]

Doers and Dreamers – Andrea Park

Among the assets that I hear people talk about in reference to our community are usually its historic background, picturesque setting in the Hudson Valley, and abundance of superb artists and musicians. However, the hidden gems that help this community to function on a daily basis are its dedicated professionals that provide social services of […]

Doers and Dreamers – Kelli Galloway

This cycle seems to repeat itself many times over. Someone happens to travel to this area, decides that it’s a nice place to hang out, sets up a part time residence and then discovers that they’d like to set up shop here and then “Whoomp!, there it is!”, we have a new, enthusiastic and welcome […]

Doers and Dreamers – Austin Benjamin

Our area is very fortunate to have an abundance of businesses that help to promote wellness and fitness from yoga and Tai Chi to speed training and power lifting.  For those that want to improve their level of fitness, it’s really important to find qualified, experienced, practitioners that are dedicated to their craft. From his […]

Doers and Dreamers – Michael Del Vecchio

We are very fortunate in this area to have an abundance of musical talent that covers every genre of music from punk rock to classical. During any given week you are likely to find live performances of jazz, rockabilly, blues, classic rock, etc. at any one a dozen or so venues that regularly host local […]

Doers and Dreamers – Christine Russomanno

Sometimes in business, people are successful because they ‘built a better mousetrap’ and in some cases it was just a matter of just doing whatever they do better. This week’s Doer and Dreamer, Christine Russomanno, is doing both. Your name: Christine Russomanno Business or organization: Gentle Office Cleaning Service Occupation: Business owner What is your approach […]

Doers and Dreamers – Tia Ashe

The journeys that some people take in their careers can lead them to different worlds, but usually there is a an essence that is preserved and carried with them into their new endeavors. Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Tia Ashe, whose transformation has taken her from healing broken bodies to helping to nourish women’s […]

Doers and Dreamers – Massoumeh Emami Osterhout

Whether you are having coffee at a local cafe, dining at a local eatery, enjoying a cocktail at a local watering hole, or just strolling around the streets of Kingston, you can meet people with some pretty  interesting backgrounds making a living in ways that you would never guess. You’ll also find out how much they […]