Doers and Dreamers – Devon Marie Francis

Broadway in Kingston has long been perceived to be mostly a thoroughfare to get between Uptown Kingston and the Rondout. If you look closely however, it is becoming fertile ground for entrepreneurs who are seeing an opportunity for the Broadway corridor to become a vibrant business district serving the needs of the communities adjacent to […]

Doers and Dreamers – Dylan Johanson

“More fun than a barrel of monkeys” is the expression that comes to mind when I think of this week’s Doers and Dreamer’s endeavour. Swinging from bars to bars, vaulting over obstacles, jumping to one object from another would be tasks that lower primates do instinctively and out of necessity. Now, humans are getting into […]

Doers and Dreamers – Lauren Stein

This week’s Doer and Dreamer arrived at her calling via a very circuitous route and we should all be glad that she made the destination that she did. We can all use a little decadent deliciousness in our lives and her spot on the Rondout is full of it. Your name: Lauren Stein Business or organization: Enchanted […]

Doers and Dreamers – Olga Schoonmaker

Always looking for someone that is doing something new and different to feature in our weekly articles, this week’s Doer and Dreamer nails a hat trick. She is our first mom-to-be to be featured, the first native-born Russian, and I’m pretty sure no one has launched a business quite like hers within Kingston’s boundaries. She […]

Doers and Dreamers – Carolina Lopez

The stately Governor Clinton Hotel reflects a presence of past grandeur on one of Kingston’s busiest streets, but emblematic of how things have evolved in this area, it now serves as a residence for seniors with storefronts and office space for businesses. It is fitting that one of those businesses is that of a young, […]

Doers and Dreamers – Maria Cabrera

Every once in awhile, you hear of someone that has a skill that you thought no longer existed in this area and you just go “Wow!”, especially when the ‘word on the street’ is that they are excellent at their craft. This week’s Doer and Dreamer is building her business and reputation just a few […]

Doers and Dreamers – Noé Del Cid

Sometimes a simple, unassuming facade doesn’t do justice to what lies within and it takes a little curiosity and just a tiny leap of faith to discover what may be a unique treasure. That premise probably applies to people as much as anything else as well. Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Noé Del Cid, […]

Doers and Dreamers – David Schell

Many people think that the value of art is mostly in that most forms of art produce an object of beauty or something that invokes an emotional reaction of some kind. Art can also be seen as a form of community building, not only as a means of communicating what may be happening in the […]

Doers and Dreamers – Brad Umble

The arts in the Kingston area are flourishing, not necessarily on a grand scale, but with a whole lot of diversity and level of quality that you wouldn’t expect in a small upstate community. Not only are the visual arts blossoming with many new galleries opening, but the local music scene is becoming even more […]

Doers and Dreamers – Gina Edinger-Carbonari

Many of our previous Doers and Dreamers have been people notably providing value to the community in the form of social services for children, the elderly, or disabled. With approximately 37-47% of American households owning dogs(that’s 70-80 million dogs in total), this week’s Doer and Dreamer is providing services to yet another segment of our community. […]

Doers and Dreamers – Joseph LaLima

Midtown has long harbored many arts-related enterprises that were pretty well hidden, or not necessarily thought of as being related to the arts. Cornell St. has artist housing at the Lace Mills, makers of paints, pottery ovens,  and animatronics, as well as the studio space at Cornell St. Studios. The Shirt Factory, Pajama Factory, and […]

Doers and Dreamers – Ron Sauer

Wow! Talk about the right business at the right time. Reclaiming wood(like from the Coney Island Boardwalk) and utilizing it with respect for the precious commodity that it has become, will certainly be a concept that gains even more traction as many varieties of wood becomes even more scarce than they already are. This week’s […]

Doers and Dreamers – Michael Olivieri

Each week we feature people from the community that are opening a new business or doing something a little unique but it is especially rewarding to be able to highlight someone that is directly impacting the lives of people in the community, especially kids. Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Michael Olivieri, who is using […]

Doers and Dreamers – Emily Glass

I’ve always said that the Kingston area is full of niches waiting to be filled from a business perspective and if you execute well you’ll be very sucessful. It looks like this week’s Doer and Dreamer has found her niche in Uptown Kingston and is on her way to building a unique enterprise making sure the […]

Doers and Dreamers – Rosibel Landau and Magda Toro

Our community is so fortunate right now to be attractive to people that may have had the option to live many other places in the world, but decide to settle here in the Hudson Valley. The influx of new business owners and professionals are not only helping to bolster the local economy, but are becoming […]