Doers and Dreamers – Brad Umble

The arts in the Kingston area are flourishing, not necessarily on a grand scale, but with a whole lot of diversity and level of quality that you wouldn’t expect in a small upstate community. Not only are the visual arts blossoming with many new galleries opening, but the local music scene is becoming even more […]

Doers and Dreamers – Gina Edinger-Carbonari

Many of our previous Doers and Dreamers have been people notably providing value to the community in the form of social services for children, the elderly, or disabled. With approximately 37-47% of American households owning dogs(that’s 70-80 million dogs in total), this week’s Doer and Dreamer is providing services to yet another segment of our community. […]

Doers and Dreamers – Joseph LaLima

Midtown has long harbored many arts-related enterprises that were pretty well hidden, or not necessarily thought of as being related to the arts. Cornell St. has artist housing at the Lace Mills, makers of paints, pottery ovens,  and animatronics, as well as the studio space at Cornell St. Studios. The Shirt Factory, Pajama Factory, and […]

Doers and Dreamers – Ron Sauer

Wow! Talk about the right business at the right time. Reclaiming wood(like from the Coney Island Boardwalk) and utilizing it with respect for the precious commodity that it has become, will certainly be a concept that gains even more traction as many varieties of wood becomes even more scarce than they already are. This week’s […]

Doers and Dreamers – Michael Olivieri

Each week we feature people from the community that are opening a new business or doing something a little unique but it is especially rewarding to be able to highlight someone that is directly impacting the lives of people in the community, especially kids. Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Michael Olivieri, who is using […]

Doers and Dreamers – Emily Glass

I’ve always said that the Kingston area is full of niches waiting to be filled from a business perspective and if you execute well you’ll be very sucessful. It looks like this week’s Doer and Dreamer has found her niche in Uptown Kingston and is on her way to building a unique enterprise making sure the […]

Doers and Dreamers – Rosibel Landau and Magda Toro

Our community is so fortunate right now to be attractive to people that may have had the option to live many other places in the world, but decide to settle here in the Hudson Valley. The influx of new business owners and professionals are not only helping to bolster the local economy, but are becoming […]

Doers and Dreamers – Alexandra Weishaupt

Most business would agree that ‘adaptability’ is one most important characteristics of a successful business along with having a passion and talent for what your chosen endeavor. Meet this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Alexandra Weishaupt, whose practical but elegant fashion sense is driving an effective online shopping experience, supplemented by a low-cost ‘pop-up’ approach that enables […]

Doers and Dreamers – Jessica Baloy

Anyone that can drive across this country with four kids and return with the same four kids can obviously handle a jacked up wedding party, overly energetic juveniles, or a Nervous Nellie as photography subjects. Say ‘hello’ to this week’s Doer and Dreamer, Jessica Baloy, who is one of our local photographers that has the […]

Doers and Dreamers – A.J. and Cathy Uhl

You have to admire small business owners that take on Herculean tasks and sometimes equally large risk, to develop a business that focuses primarily on family entertainment. This week’s Doers and Dreamers,  A.J. and Cathy Uhl, own and operate a sprawling facility that includes a go-kart track, miniature golf, batting cages, and ice cream stand. […]

Doers and Dreamers – Carla Rozman

I sometimes hear people in our community lament the decline of traditional business and manufacturing jobs in this area while discounting the recognition and prestige that Kingston is garnering as an ‘artist friendly’ town. The arts are infused into almost everything we do, and there is a ‘business’ of art that goes beyond creating paintings […]

Doers and Dreamers – Dan Gruner

The KingstonHappenings.Org calendar is filled with fundraisers and benefits each month that have been organized and promoted by an amazing collection of non-profit and service organizations that benefit individuals and our entire community. Usually at the helm or forming the backbone of those organizations are area business people that take time from their businesses and […]

Doers and Dreamers – Eryn Stutts

If you’re going to set up shop on Broadway in Kingston across from the biggest theater venue in the region, it helps to have the personality and panache to match your most influential neighbor. This week’s Doer and Dreamer Eryn Stutts does, and  wants to sling some unique Southern concoctions your way to make you feel […]

Doers and Dreamers – Nadine Fescoe Ferraro

Sometimes it’s just amazing how some people find a niche that just suits them so well, while at the same time play a role that benefits the community. This week’s Doer and Dreamer, Nadine Ferraro, serves our community as a ‘professional cheerleader’ on many levels by working with many non-profits, promoting local businesses, and making […]

Doers and Dreamers – Ken Darmstadt

Persistence,  adaptability, passion and insatiable curiosity are always beneficial traits for an entrepreneur to have to ensure longevity in a tough business climate. This week’s Doer and Dreamer, Kenny Darmstadt, has demonstrated that he has those traits and a lot more over the years. He has woven the varied interests that he has on many […]