Foodie Paradiso: Foraging Made Easy at the Rail Trail Cafe

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods On a hot sunny day, there’s many reasons to ride your bike on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail in Rosendale. There’s the Rosendale Trestle and the view of Joppenbergh Mountain, a steep pile of boulders looming directly over the trestle; the ruins of limestone cement kilns, remnants of industry from […]

Foodie Paradiso: Slow it Goes at Ole Savannah on the Rondout

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar, located in the former Steelhouse on the Historic Roundout Waterfront, opened a week ago—just in time for summer. No other restaurant in Kingston offers such fabulous views of the creek as does Ole Savannah’s capacious deck, and wolfing down corn fritters and a rack […]

Foodie Paradiso: Sinkhole Serendipity at DiBella’s

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods Located on Washington Avenue, DiBella’s Pizzeria found itself stranded after the street began to disappear into a widening sinkhole. But owners Renato and Helena Di Bella have transcended that bizarre misfortune spectacularly, with the opening, six months ago, of a full-service restaurant on Lucas Avenue. The menu at the new […]

Foodie Paradiso: A Bigger Taste of Spain at the Elephant

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods Eight years ago, Rich Reeve and his wife, Maya Karrol, opened Elephant on a shoestring. With only a couple of toaster ovens, a hot plate, and a sandwich grill, he whipped up tapas, Panini, cured meat dishes, cheese plates and salads, quickly gaining a following for his nose-to-tail, Spanish-inflected small […]

Foodie Paradiso: A Cool Contemporary Menu in a Warm Colonial Setting at The Tappen

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods On a cold, overcast March day, lunch in the cozy dining room at The Tappen couldn’t be more inviting. Located in a tiny, 18th-century stone house on Crown Street—the building survived the burning of Kingston by the invading British troops in 1777—the restaurant combines colonial charm with the cheerful elegance […]

Foodie Paradiso: A Sushi Oasis on Broadway at Yasuda

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods You know Midtown has arrived when there’s a sushi place right on the corner of Broadway and Cedar. Unfortunately, the pioneer, a place called Momiji, failed to make a go of it, but in September Oscar and Sanny Zheng, transplants from New York City, bought the restaurant, renamed it Yasuda, […]

Foodie Paradiso: A Sense of the Sea at the Sea Deli

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods For 40 years, the New York Sea Deli has been selling fresh fish from its long glass display case or served in sandwiches and on bountiful platters in the adjacent restaurant. The rough board-sided walls in the restaurant and colorful fishermen’s floats, a lobster trap, a model whale, a stuffed […]

Foodie Paradiso: A Journey Back in Time at the Third Rail

By contributing writer: Lynn Woods The Third Rail, located in a pint-sized wooden 1927 diner on East Chester Street, is a breakfast-and-lunch place that harks back to a time when factory workers crowded Kingston’s main streets and tugboats clogged Rondout Creek. It’s a trip down memory lane, with its row of vintage red vinyl upholstered […]