Things To Do This Weekend in Kingston, NY 7/9-7/11

This summer is steamrolling along (“steam” being the operative part of that word!) with an awesome amount of diverse things to do here in our slice of the Hudson Valley. Each weekend we are challenged with the task of selecting a few of the fun and interesting events to highlight, but then again, who doesn’t love a good challenge?!

Here are a few of our picks for some fun weekend things to do:

Damsels and Dragons – The pond at the John Burroughs Nature Sanctuary is alive and thriving and their staff will introduce you to some of their tinier residents!

Freer Food Truck Friday – Food trucks on the waterfront?  Sounds great to us!

Flamenco Traditions: Mario Rincon and Family – The Rail Trail Cafe serves up more than an eclectic mix of pizzas. It has a variety of music to match!

Bill Robinson’s Wildlife Program – There is always something interesting, educational, and FUN going on at the Town of Ulster Library!

The David Lopato Quartet – Jazz anyone? A.S.K. has a great show lined up for you this weekend!

Have a nice weekend no matter what you do!


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