The World’s Largest Sundae – built in Kingston, NY

The World’s Largest Sundae –  built in Kingston, NY

Volunteers signing up prior to scoop time.
What's a birthday party without jugglers?
Volunteers anxiously awaiting their duties with veterans watching from above
The segment of the soon to be World's Largest Sundae west of the old Port Ewen Bridge
The segment of the sundae east of the old Port Ewen Bridge
The Energy Dance Company doing their usual amazing stuff to pump up the crowd.
Dick Boice of Boice Bros. thanking all of the sponsors and volunteers.
Did anyone get this celebrities autograph?
Mayor Gallo congratulating the Boice family on 100 years of operation and a fine event.
Volunteers getting restless before their scooping duties.
The moment of truth!
It was a scooping frenzy for a few short minutes.
This young lady sure knew how to top a sundae!
For a bona fide sundae, it had to have ice cream, chocolate topping, whipped cream and even sprinkles.
Even Congressman Chris Gibson got in to the act.
While the sundae waited to be verified as the world's largest, spectators perched like vultures waiting to dig in.
The finished product. 1606 ft. of Boice Bros. ice cream with toppings.
Making it official, Mayor Gallo sprinting(?) the 1606 ft. for Guinness Book Record verification.

The City of Kingston will get some world-wide recognition thanks to our hometown Boice Brothers Dairy and the many volunteers and sponsors that put on a community event like no other. Assembling enough people to build a 1606 ft. sundae is no small task and everyone who participated was up to the challenge. The event was staged in commemoration of Boice Bros. Dairy 100 years of operation in Kingston. After all of the proper verification from photos, videos, and affidavits, The Guinness Book of World Records will record Sunday’s colossal dairy treat as a The World’s Largest Sundae. Of course like all records someone will likely top it in time, but that just means we will all get to have a heckuva lot of fun all over again.10514466_10152508089496168_5569609323376977440_n

As a community event goes, over 5000 people participated in one way or another and $20,000 was raised for the Hudson River Stewards Program, according to an article in the Times Herald Record. The Stewards program is coordinated by the Hudson River Maritime Museum and Clearwater, with its intent being to educate children on the importance of the Hudson River through interactive learning experiences.

Recording the full size of the sundae was very difficult because it stretched the length of over five football fields, but we did the best we could and captured some memories of our community at its best having some fun.