The O+ Festival!: The Party is Over but the Spirit Lives On

For all appearances, this year’s O+ Festival was more successful than previous years with more attendees, more participants,  more sponsors and even more importantly, more clinical services provided to artists and volunteers. The kick-off parade was as enthusiastic as any other year despite a light drizzle and what the artists provided for the entire weekend was nothing short of phenomenal. Over 60 bands played music from improvisational jazz, a bit of rockabilly, music of Indonesia, punk, metal, and many other genres. The Kingston cityscape is now sporting a number of murals that are leaving viewers mouths open with awe.

There were many more performances and many more classes, exhibits than are captured in the following photos and video, but you’ll certainly get an idea of what this year’s O+ Festival was all about.

What adjectives can you use for a parade that is lead by the mayor of the City of Kingston and a 7 foot(with heels and…

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Those Magnificent Murals!

The O+ Festival attracted some of the best artists in the country this year and were curated by the world-renowned…

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And Then There Was Music!

With over 60 acts in just three days, we couldn’t cover them all but here’s a brief glimpse of the amazing talent that was part of the festival. Some photos courtesy of EJProject Photography.

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O+ has always been about community, about people providing what they have to offer, for what they need. Every year, the community benefits more and more, and the spirit of O+ grows stronger. Here is a short compilation by ProjectEJ photography to let everyone see and hear that spirit.