Street Vids: “Anything Goes” in Kingston, NY

In today’s New Economy what better way is there to jump in with both feet. than to combine talent, something you love, and re-purposed artifacts(that are unique and probably destined to clog up some landfill) to create products that people will want to covet for themselves and as gifts. This week, we’d like you to hear from Brianne Ollson who combines her love of music, artistic ability, and vinyl castoffs to make some pretty intriguing accessories and crafts.

Brianne, who has called the Hudson Valley home since the late 90’s, is a self-taught artisan who combines a great eye and fabricating skills to create her very distinctive wares. She sells some of her products at Olivieri’s Arts, Crafts, & Coffee and can be contacted through her Facebook page:Anything Goes Vinyl  and web site: to take custom orders.


Video: ANYTHING GOES VINYL!!!! Brianne Olsson

Produced and Directed by:  Esther & Felix


Samples of Anything Goes Vinyl product line
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