Kingston’s Sinterklaas Celebration, Not to Be Missed

Always bringing forward elements from the past and introducing even more new ways to entertain people of all ages, this year’s Sinterklaas Celebration is staying true to form. Kids will still be able to make their ‘Crowns and Branches’ to carry in the parade in various workshops that day and before. Then they can join in the parade at the end of the day along with colorful characters, giant puppets, and many others who participate in the fun of sending Sinterklaas off to Spain(Rhinebeck) on a festively decorated tugboat at the end of the parade. Activities for kids are always the key feature of the celebration because after all, Sinterklaas was the Patron Saint of Children in Dutch lore.

Every year features a unique animal and this year it’s the elephant but in addition to honoring a single animal, there will also be a ‘Blessing of the Animals’ at the Armadillo where you can bring your pet to receive a blessing from  Pastor Renee House of the Old Dutch Church. There will also be a ‘Sinter Stroll’ where strollers can visit merchants with special offers, and as usual, open houses at several businesses, trolley rides, story telling, music, and many other activities.

Details for the days activities can be found here:


Here are some images from past Sinterklaas Celebrations: