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Dive into the rich and multifaceted history of Kingston, NY, a city that has witnessed transformative eras, from its geological formations and indigenous roots to its industrial prowess and challenges. Explore the city’s deep ties with the Hudson River, its pivotal role during Prohibition and the Depression, and the profound impact of IBM’s rise and eventual departure. Each chapter in Kingston’s story offers a unique lens into the resilience, growth, and evolution of a city that continues to shape and be shaped by the currents of time.

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Articles About History of the Kingston Area

This Year’s ODC Graveyard Tours Will Give Voices to Women of Kingston’s Past

From Kingstonwire   This year’s Old Dutch Church cemetery tour will present the Burning of Kingston from a new perspective — through the eyes of five women who survived the 1777 catastrophe. The ninth season of the annual historic re-enactment in Uptown Kingston will run on every Saturday in October at 7 p.m. in the […]

The Burning of Kingston Returns

Help Create New Wurts Street Bridge Time Capsule This Weekend

From Kingstonwire This weekend city residents will have a chance to make their mark on history with The Time Capsule pop-up event at the Hudson River Maritime Museum. The interactive exhibit will give viewers a chance to check out the results of a months-long project to collect writings, photographs and artifacts — and make their […]

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