Reher Center Celebrates Community Spirit with “Reher Recognized” Bakery Program

The Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History has launched a new initiative, “Reher Recognized,” to honor outstanding community bakeries across the nation. This program recognizes establishments that embody the values and traditions exemplified by the historic Reher’s Bakery in Kingston, New York.

Rekindling the Spirit of Reher’s Bakery

“Reher Recognized” seeks to celebrate bakeries that share the spirit of Reher’s: entrepreneurial drive, a commitment to neighborly service, a rich history, and often, family ownership passed down through generations. Honored bakeries will receive an official “Reher Recognized” certification and a seal of distinction to display with pride. Their profiles, including their most popular items and inspiring quotes, will be featured on the Reher Center website.

First Class of Reher Recognized Bakeries Announced

The inaugural group of “Reher Recognized” bakeries includes seven exceptional establishments across New York State, with nominations extending nationwide. These bakeries are:

  • Rosie General (Kingston, NY)
  • Half Moon Rondout Café (Kingston, NY)
  • Overlook Bakery (Woodstock, NY)
  • The Bakery (New Paltz, NY)
  • Cohen’s Bakery (Ellenville, NY)
  • Michaeli Bakery (New York City, NY)
  • Circo’s Pastry Shop (Brooklyn, NY)

Celebrating Shared Values and Experiences

“Community, culture, work, and delicious baked goods are the cornerstones of the Reher Center’s mission,” says Board President Jill Ammerata. “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to this first group of ‘Reher Recognized’ bakeries. Together, we celebrate the common threads and shared experiences that connect us all.”

Nominate a Bakery for Recognition

Do you know a bakery that embodies the spirit of Reher’s? You can nominate them for “Reher Recognized” through a form available on the Reher Center website or directly through Google Forms at [link to nomination form].

Let’s celebrate the bakeries that nourish our communities and keep our traditions alive!