Discover Edible Plants


Sat, Jun 8, 2024    
10:00 am-12:00 pm


John Burroughs Nature Sanctuary
261 Floyd Ackert Road, West Park, New York

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Ever wonder as you hike if it’s true that you can eat garlic mustard and onion grass, and jewelweed can cure poison ivy?  Join us for this inaugural walk to learn which plants, or parts of plants, can be used as nourishment and which can stand in for items in your first aid kit.

Some plants can provide or supplement a meal when through-hiking and the weight of your pack matters or a delay sets in.  Or, on a local trail, tempted, you take just a nibble to try it out.  Often overlooked, some might be considered pretty enough for a vase and others as weeds, but many can be transformed into delicious snacks, salads, teas, and healthy ointments.

These plants are not exotic.  Many are commonly found in the Nature Sanctuary.  You likely see them on your hikes or in your neighborhood or backyard.

This is not a walk to gather plants but to gather information on identifying these plants and learning how to use them, though we may do some tasting.  It will be an eye-opener to the possibilities some plants provide.

The walk will be led by Heather Houskeeper, The Botanical Hiker, an herbalist and author of three plant-inspired books.  She comes to this through practical experience hiking the Finger Lakes Trail that followed an illuminating through-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Heather has hiked thousands of miles identifying, exploring, and foraging wild plants along the way.

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