We’re painting old ROCKING CHAIRS yellow, then gifting them PAIRS to surprise locations in Midtown­­ Kingston!
  • Sit, rock and share your bright ideas for Midtown!
  • Tag the moment on social media with #RockingOptimism
  • We’ll re-post the community’s bright ideas. videos and more – right here on Kingston Happenings!

That’s all it takes to be part of progress in our community.

The Concept

#rockingoptimism is a unique project conceived by Riley Johndonnell and is being facilitated and promoted by Kevin Godbey of Kingston Happenings by capturing input from community members, crating a digital platform for storing that input, and trying to stimulate a discussion about positive things that can be done in the community.

Interviews with Kingston Happenings

Have some positive ideas that you would like to talk about? Contact Kevin Godbey at and you can rock, too!

We’re #ROCKINGOPTIMISM with Riley Johndonnell(a.k.a. Uncle Riley)

How can you ‘rock some optimism’ and contribute to positive dialogs about changes that would improve our community?  Watch our first conversation that explains a little more about the #rockingoptimism concept and how we identified some potential activities that can be taken to get more people involved in positive discussions.  

Optimism from the street

Have a conversation, post a summary on Instagram and it can be displayed here