Street Vids:”Clever on Sunday” Means Art by the Numbers, Literally


“Clever on Sunday” at the Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz

Local artist, Courtney Starrett, has married two almost diametrically opposing elements, data and visual art, to create an intriguing exhibit that may remind some of us older folks of the backdrop of ‘The Dating Game’, but is really a visualization of real business data in a very unique form. Starrett is a well-traveled artist and educator currently living on the Rondout in Kingston and when not creating all sorts of unique art in her studio, is an Assistant Professor at Seton Hall in South Orange, NJ. Her works are fabrications in silicone, rubber, metal, and other materials and have recently utilized 3-D printing and computer generated designs. Her ‘Tupperware-inspired” project which she calls an exercise in “data-aesthetization” is currently on display at the Dorsky Museum in New Paltz until July 10 and enables visitors to connect the various forms of data used with the colorful computer generated disks.

Check out the video below and get to know the artist behind this very fascinating approach to her art. You can also check out her website to see the wide range of art that she has created at .

Video: “Clever on Sunday”

Produced and Directed by: Esther & Felix