Retro Rally at Cornell St. Studios Gallery

Retro Rally at Cornell St. Studios


Renee Darmstadt pulled of another entertaining event last weekend at her multi-purpose Cornell St. Studios. Dozens of vintage cars, vendors, some great music, and lots of people dressed in their finest retro outfits on a gorgeous day made the Retro Rally the place to be.  If you missed it this year, don’t make that mistake again next year.


This low rider coupe got lots of attention.
Renee and the girls hooping it up!
This 1928 Cadillac owned by Kathy DeFelice is probably not your Daddy's Cadillac
Renee and The Retro Babes that showed up in their retro splendor
This metallic orange '53 Studebaker won the Viewer's Choice Award
The Great Gatsby was obviously attending and left his car for people to ogle at.
Charlie Lesley's '54 Merc was an eye popper.
I bet Jerry Stoke's '56 Belair was a real chick magnet in its time.
This '41 Harley in an Army paint job got the once over from the guys.
The Pleasers did just that with a bit of mo-funk sounds.
Vendors got to enjoy the cars as well
I had a little Datsun when I was a kid, but it didn't have a blower sticking out of the hood like Vic Amato's '59 Datsun Cruiser
Looks like my Dad's old Buick, minus the fancy wheels.
Lara Hope blasting out the tunes over the occasionally rude freight trains.
Che Sharp Jackson with Karin Baker and daughter Skylee helping out
Chris Heitzman, Lara Hope and Brandy Walters enjoying the Pleasers
Lara Hope and the 3/4's of the Arktones. Chris Heitzman, Matt Goldpaugh and Lara. Drummer, Dave Tetreault hiding out of frame.
William Benson's '56 Ford Fairlane. Didn't our father's have cars like this?
Back to the 30's anyone?