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The Reher Center is a cultural center and museum based in historic Reher’s Bakery focusing on immigrant stories of the Hudson Valley. The center is housed in a preserved 19th-century building and its mission is to create a vibrant new resource that welcomes local residents and visitors alike. Its tours and programs, on the themes of immigration, community, work, and bread, honor the Reher family’s legacy and the history of the Rondout neighborhood. The Reher Center offers guided tours of its historic bakery during its tour season (July – November) and the museum gallery is open to the public on weekends.

Bakery Tours
Step back to 1959 and tour an immigrant Jewish bakery that served rye, pumpernickel, challah, and its signature bread rolls to Kingston’s Rondout community for 80 years. Explore original bakery artifacts, hear stories of the Sunday morning rush, and discover how Frank Reher and his six children built a business that fostered community for generations. You’ll leave with a taste of local Kingston fresh-baked rolls, as the Rehers would have wanted.

Sewing in Kingston
In this featured exhibit in the Reher Center gallery, you’ll learn about the ups and downs of Kingston’s garment industry, the persistence of small businesses, the imagination of artists, and the power of family. The exhibit, one of the most significant local history exhibits ever mounted in the region, highlights the role of immigrants and women and connects local experiences to broader historical, cultural, and economic stories.


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