Kingston’s Hudson Valley Brickyard Trail

The Hudson Valley Community has a new addition to its already plentiful outdoor recreation opportunities, and its unique location combines a lightly explored Hudson River shoreline with industrial remnants from a not-so-distant historical period to make a bike and walking trail. The Hudson River Brickyard Trail officially opened 12/31/2020 after a collaborative effort by Scenic Hudson, Kingston Land Trust, City of Kingston, Town of Ulster, and the State of New York.

The Hudson River Brickyard Trail is the final puzzle piece of the 750 mile-long Empire State Trail, the largest multi-use trail in the nation, spanning the entire state! This trail features an organic, meandering design, which runs through 520 acres of former industrial land, soon to become a state park, currently referred to as ‘Hudson Cliffs’. The trail design was selected to minimize impact on the surrounding land, ensure picturesque views of the Hudson River, and allow for adaptable, future use.

More information about Scenic Hudson and the Empire State trail can be found at: &

Below you will find answers to many questions you might have about Hudson River Brickyard Trail logistics (Where to park? Where to throw out a doggie bag?), and you can check out a short video we made about the Hudson River Brickyard Trail that highlights the history of the land it runs through and all of the fabulous components of the trail!



The Hudson Valley Brickyard Trail


Created with support from:

– Scenic Hudson

– Kingston Land Trust

– City of Kingston

– Town of Ulster

– State of New York

Trail Hours:(Updated)

Trail hours are 6AM-8PM(March 16 to October 31), 7AM-5PM(November 1 to March 15)

Entrances and Parking:

– Kingston Point Park, Delaware Ave. Kingston

– John St., Town of Ulster ( East Kingston )


Open seasonally at Kingston Point Park

Trash Receptacles:

– Available seasonally at Kingston Point Park

– Carry in, carry out otherwise