Glancing Back – 2014 in Pictures

2014 certainly provided its share of photo ops with the wide variety of events that were hosted here in Kingston. Living in a picturesque, livable, city like Kingston certainly provides constant photo opportunities, as well.  Not only does KingstonHappenings.Org try to promote events for local businesses and organizations to ensure their success, it also tries to journal these events in articles and Facebook postings so everyone can appreciate what this community has to offer.

This year, Kingston was the setting for a number of traditional events like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, and the Hooley on the Hudson which are all perennial favorites. It has also become the setting for some more recently established events like the Uptown New Years Eve Celebration, O+ Festival, Midtown Cinca de Mayo Festival, Sinterklaas Festival, Reher Center Block Party, and many others. Each of these events gets bigger and better every year with the energy and resources supplied by a lot businesses, organizations, and the City of Kingston  committed to invigorating our community.

Take a few minutes and enjoy some of the highlights of this past year and hopefully, if you missed any of these events last year, you’ll make sure you’ll there to enjoy them this year.

 Best Wishes for a Peaceful and Happy New Year