Stephen Clair Band x The Steve Almaas Selection


Thu, Jun 6, 2024    
8:00 pm


Colony Woodstock NY
22 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, New York

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Stephen Clair pushed out his 10th studio album last fall. Known for his wry humor & guitar stylings, the Beacon, NY musician has been a fixture on the Americana, singer-songwriter and garage rock scenes since 1997’s Altoona Hotel.

Clair came to prominence when the late Rita Houston added “Jen in Her Underwear” to rotation on WFUV, putting Clair on the map and the road.

The San Antonio Express calls him “a fearless performer.” Power of Pop drives it home when they ask: “How does a genuinely visceral rock songwriter like Stephen Clair not get feted like the second fuckin’ coming?”

Steve Ovadia over at Glide Magazine puts it like this: “This music is a perfect homage to 1970s garage rock. Think in terms of Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers or if David Bowie had gotten a crack at producing The Velvet Underground. The major thing separating Clair from those artists, and artists like them is the joy within his music.”

“Where The Wild Things Are meets The Kinks” — Nippertown

Paste Magazine calls Clair’s lyrics “…everyman poetry.”


Steve Almaas kicked off his musical career in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the first-wave punk band The Suicide Commandos. A move to New York included some experiments with post-punk pop and led to the formation of punky country soul rockers Beat Rodeo who had success with a couple of albums on IRS in the mid 80s. As a solo artist, he’s made several albums of note and teamed up with photographer Ali Smith to record two albums of duets. In 2016 he released a new album with The Suicide Commandos entitled Time Bomb. His latest release is a solo album, Everywhere You’ve Been”, featuring Mark Sidgwick, Daria Grace and Vibeke Saugestadt who make up The Steve Almaas Selection.