Pulverize the Sound (Peter Evans/Mike Pride/Tim Dahl); Super Always; Doubles


Wed, Mar 20, 2024    
8:00 pm-11:00 pm


Avalon Lounge
29 Church St,, Catskill, NY

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Pulverize the Sound
Peter Evans – trumpet
Mike Pride – drums
Tim Dahl – electric bass
Pulverize the Sound was formed in the intensely collaborative, hybridized, prolific and promiscuous scene of NYC experimental music. Its members have clocked in time with musicians and bands from a huge variety of scenes, always ending up in a place peripheral to any definable genre.
Super Always
John – keyboard/vox
Jackie – bass/vox
Mike – drums
Depraved grind-punk noise.
Zoots – pedal steel
Mo – vocals, electronics
Kingston duo. Using shared experiences in Florida and elsewhere to pay respect to the rich traditions of literature, steel guitar, and electronic music.
Notice Recordings, established in Chicago in 2009 and now based in the Hudson Valley, has released 80+ albums of avant-garde, modern composition, free improv, noise, and sound art, and in the past few years has organized a vast and diverse amount of multidisciplinary events along the fringes of contemporary and outsider music and sound.