Fri, Jun 7, 2024    
8:00 pm


Colony Woodstock NY
22 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, New York

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One day early in the dark days of the great pandemic a few of us were getting pretty bored and decided to get together and jam a bit – safely distanced, of course. It was fun so we did it again, and again, it was fun AND it sounded pretty good too. So we decided to be a band and make a song list and rehearse and play some gigs. Nothing too ambitious. We weren’t planning on playing any Grateful Dead songs but somehow they snuck into our repertoire anyway. Sneaky bastards. Now we have a couple of years worth of gigs under our belts, playing songs by Dylan, The Band, Allman Brothers, Traffic, The Beatles, Dr. John, Tom Petty, Phish, and even Patti Smith. Oh yeah, and the good ol’ Grateful Dead.