Mark Hogancamp: Resilience/Artist Reception


Sat, Mar 23, 2024    
5:00 pm-8:00 pm


One Mile Gallery
475 Abeel Street, Kingston, New York, 12401

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Over 30 photographs will be selected from Mark’s archive. These small format, signed works will be all offered at $100 per print for a very limited time. These photos will be 5 x 7, image size 4.24 x 5.3.
Mark Hogancamp, the acclaimed photographer known for his cinematic scenes from his 1/6th scale world, has defied all odds and emerged triumphant from a journey marked by adversity. From a near-fatal attack that left him with significant physical and cognitive challenges, to the isolation of the pandemic and a recent debilitating stroke, to becoming a beacon of inspiration through his art, Hogancamp’s story is one of resilience, courage, and the transformative power of art.
In 2000, Hogancamp suffered a brutal assault that resulted in severe brain damage and left him in a coma for nine days. Following this traumatic incident, he faced a long and arduous road to recovery, grappling with memory loss, motor skills impairment, and the loss of his previous life and identity. Through his passion for photography and storytelling that Hogancamp found solace and began to rebuild his shattered world.
Turning to art as a form of therapy and self-expression, Hogancamp created an intricately detailed fictional World War II-era village called Marwencol in his backyard. Populated by meticulously crafted miniature figures and fantastically detailed sets, Marwencol served as both a sanctuary and a canvas for Hogancamp to process his trauma, explore his creativity, and reclaim his sense of agency.
Over the years, Hogancamp’s work gained widespread recognition for its raw emotionality, authenticity, and profound storytelling. His photographs, which capture the poignant moments and vivid narratives of life in Marwencol, have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, earning him critical acclaim and a devoted following of admirers.
As Hogancamp continues to create and share his art with the world, he remains a source of inspiration and a reminder that no matter how dire the circumstances, there is always light to be found in the darkness.
The show at One Mile will consist of 30 photographs, a combination of new and old works exploring the theme of resilience. One of the one-sixth-scale buildings, “V’rella’s Rooms,” will also be on display and the artist will be present.
Artist’s Reception: 5 to 8 pm on March 23, 2024
475 Abeel Street, Kingston NY
The exhibition through April 13 by appointment. Prints are also available online at One Mile Gallery website.