KidBess & The Magic Ring w/ Tenzin Chopak and Emmett Scott @ Colony


Sun, Apr 7, 2024    
8:00 pm


Colony Woodstock NY
22 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, New York

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KidBess & The Magic Ring is a five-piece psychedelic rock band from upstate New York. Led by enigmatic songwriter KidBess
(Bess Greenberg), the Binghamton-based band pushes boundaries of genre, channeling the spirit of groups such as Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd, while maintaining their own timeless and innovative sound. Featuring powerhouse vocals, cello, two guitars, electric bass and drums, the band’s intoxicating blend of intimate introspective lyricism, intricate layering, textured sound effects, and resilient emotive strength have enabled them to carve out their own unique space in the pantheon of mind and heart-expanding contemporary music.
Greenberg’s raspy timbre, rooted in the bluesy tradition of Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, adds a layer of grit and intensity to the sound of their ethereal soundscapes, exhibiting a level of emotional depth and authenticity rarely seen in contemporary music — and at moments can be referred to as “poetic punk”. Dynamics is where the band truly shines as a unit. The vocal is cradled, harmonized and complemented by the haunting brilliance of cellist Jeff McAuley, guitarist Joe Alston, bassist Mike Amadeo and drummer Moses Valle as the band weaves an intricate textured web of powerful emotive sonic waves that amplify Greenberg’s intimate lyrics. Together, the music will rock your core and send chills down your spine.
Formed in 2022, at the end of the pandemic, the latest formation of KidBess & The Magic Ring has had a fortunate and momentous first year and a half— performing at the Grassroots music festival in both Shakori Hills, North Carolina and in the Finger Lakes region in New York. The band has recorded their debut EP “Electric Soul” with engineer Hunter Davidson of Business District Recording in Johnson City, NY. Produced by KidbBess, mixed by Joe Kollar and mastered by D. James Goodwin, “Electric Soul” will be released in the spring of 2024.


Doors 6pm | Show 7pm
$10adv | $15dos