City Look Lab


Thu, Aug 22, 2024    
9:00 am-4:00 pm


Midtown Arts District & the D.R.A.W
20 Cedar St. , Kingston , NY, 12401

Event Type

Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm (aftercare available) Grades 5-8

City Look Lab will offer students the experience of thinking through, making structures, and dreaming up ways to design comfortable and fun spaces. It’s a free space for learning the art of solving design problems.

The City Look Lab Workshop project will focus on developing fundamental art and architectural design skills and exploring various key architectural aspects of the City of Kingston. Each first-week workshop day will focus on a different core lesson to help the participating students choose and explore their interest in the intersection between art and architecture. The project is also designed to hone skills that will be helpful for the (art-inclined) student wanting to develop their portfolio (skills). The City Look Lab is open to all levels of students willing to experience collaborative art-making to understand its real-world applications. Students will take field trips and walking tours and ride the busses to explore our city’s cultural, environmental, and architectural wonders.

Our project brings proof that someone believes that a community such as Kingston deserves dignity and beauty and can be fortified by sprinkling tidbits of its community’s student creativity. This can be as simple as having creative students make colorful Public Projects such as signs, mini murals, benches, gates, bike racks, etc. City Look Lab is also designed as a great accentuation to help our place see itself as a great community by helping it fortify commuter access information to its transit options through creativity and more, giving dignity to those dependent on public spaces.