‘Community Event Planning Calendar’ Is Now Available

Kingston Happenings has created a ‘Community Event Planning Calendar’ that will enable organizations to coordinate the planning of their events by making community events visible to everyone as soon as a date has been set for any given event. 


Based on feedback we have received by a number of different community organizations, there is a great need for a Community Event Planning Calendar, as it is often difficult for organizations to know when other organizations are scheduling major events. Now, anyone can post their Community Event to the Kingston Happenings Community Event Planning Calendar as soon as they have set a date, enabling others to plan their events accordingly so that there is minimal overlap and we can all enjoy each other’s events and not miss out! Posting the event as early as possible will make it easier for anyone else planning an event to select a date that does not compete with someone else’s desired date.


Co-publisher of Kingston Happenings, Kevin Godbey, stated that “Kingston Happenings is a platform that has supported businesses and organizations in the community for over a decade and we are happy to provide this additional function as a logical extension to the calendars that we already provide.”


Kingston Happenings is a widely used local digital media outlet featuring the most comprehensive source for event information in Kingston and the surrounding area, posting dozens of events each week on its KingstonHappenings.Org website. Additionally, Kingston Happenings maintains a robust social media presence that they use several times a week  to promote local organizations and businesses, with over 14,000 Followers on Facebook and over 13,000 Followers on Instagram. 


Kingston Happenings Co-publisher Veronica Fassbender said, “Kingston Happenings’ hyper-local focus has made it the most utilized and all-inclusive source of event information in the area and we’re always glad to entertain other ways to engage our community and respond to its needs.”


The Community Event Planning Calendar along with links to post events can be found here: Community Event Planning Calendar 


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