This Year’s ODC Graveyard Tours Will Give Voices to Women of Kingston’s Past

From Kingstonwire


This year’s Old Dutch Church cemetery tour will present the Burning of Kingston from a new perspective — through the eyes of five women who survived the 1777 catastrophe. The ninth season of the annual historic re-enactment in Uptown Kingston will run on every Saturday in October at 7 p.m. in the graveyard of the Old Dutch Church at 272 Wall St.


Each October, the Theatre of the Road company puts on a “living history” event at the church using actors to portray some of the cemetery’s residents and other famous Kingstonians. Scripts are written and costumes designed with painstaking attention to historical detail. Visitors are the ushered through the cemetery to hear the voices of the long dead recount events long past. Over the years, the company has portrayed historic figures ranging from Revolutionary War hero and New York’s first governor, George Clinton, to bootlegger Legs Diamond, who once ran a brewery in Kingston.

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