The Boutique Inns of Kingston NY welcomes Visitors to Our City

Boutique Inns of Kingston NY owners

The Boutique Inns of Kingston NY is a dynamic group of accommodation owners working together to encourage people to visit and enjoy our city, Kingston NY.  With all the new boutique hotels touted to be coming into Kingston, a lot of people forget we started this trend.  

The pioneer of the group, Schwartz’s Inn opened in the Uptown District in 2002.  A year later Bel’s Inn opened downtown in the Rondout District; followed by the Rondout Inn in 2007 and The Gallery Inn in 2011.  The Forsyth B & B and DeMew House opened to guests in 2016.  The trend continued with Rondout Suite and the DeMew Townhouse which opened in 2017 and 2018 respectively.   

Comfortable and convenient

We are all friends who individually operate apartment suites, traditional bed & breakfasts, and furnished houses each with their own websites and clientele. So why start our own OTA (Online Travel Agency)? The answer is to help visitors find a unique place to stay and to help them make the most of their visit to our wonderful historic city. The website works just like Expedia or other online booking agents. Just enter the dates and number of nights you want to stay, click on the Availability Button and you’ll see which hosts have open nights.  You can book your stay directly on the website.  It doesn’t get any easier! And if you book this winter you can take advantage of our 20% off winter specials.

Since the launching we have taken pride in being a friendly alternative to the corporate chain hotels. We love hosting, meeting new people and sharing our knowledge of Kingston, the Mid-Hudson region, and all the different activities that makes the Hudson Valley so appealing.