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Your guide to the best of our community.

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Happening This Thanksgiving Week in the Kingston Area

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving Holiday and hope everyone has a great time with family and friends. You can all find tons of entertainment options including a wide variety of live music and community events all week to engage with your neighbors. Seek out your fun here on KingstonHappenings.Org.   Whether you seek the thrill […]

Happening This Week in the Kingston Area

You can choose from an exciting assortment of fun and interesting things to do all week long here in the Kingston Area. Musical theater, live music performances and informative community events, are just come of they types of events on our schedule.   Here are our picks for the week! You can also find our […]

Things to Do This Weekend in Kingston, NY for 11/03-11/05

Looking for something fun to do? There are plenty of activities, events, and entertainment available in your area. From live music, kids activities, movies, educational classes and community events – you’re sure to find something that fits your interests. Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or an educational experience for yourself or […]

A Unicorn’s Heading to Midtown

The iconic Beverly Lounge is coming back … sort of. The bar was leased by musician, event organizer, entrepreneur and Kingstonian Francesca Hoffman. She’s planning a total makeover, including new décor, an updated and revitalized drink list, and plentiful parties and shows geared towards all those who live in Kingston. She says she will work […]



Spanish Classes at the Broadway Bubble

Spanish Classes at the Broadway Bubble

Free Spanish Classes in The Broadway Bubble Community Hub.
Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship for Young People

Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship for Young People

Financial Literacy + Business Communications Wednesday, November 29th at 5:30pm at Tilda's Kitchen and Market with special guest speakers from the Mid Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. [...]
Gratefully Yours @ Colony

Gratefully Yours @ Colony

Wed, Nov 29, 2023    
8:00 pm
We're back for another "Dead Wednesday" in Woodstock! Always a special night here. Gratefully Yours has emerged as one of the premier Grateful Dead cover [...]
The Pearl Moon Open Mic

The Pearl Moon Open Mic

Thu, Nov 30, 2023    
5:00 pm
And so it is written, that every Thursday (barring holidays and calamity) Pearl Moon will be hosting an open mic! Bring your best song and [...]

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