Legendary Musician Gail Ann Dorsey Talks Career and New Music on Kingston Happenings

Kingston Happenings on Radio Kingston hosted by Kevin Godbey, welcomed legendary musician and vocalist Gail Ann Dorsey to his show. Kevin chatted with Dorsey about her incredible career and the exciting ventures she has on the horizon.

Dorsey, renowned for her versatility, has graced the stage with rock royalty like David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz,  Tears for Fear, and many more world renowned performers. During the interview, she shared insights on her experiences and upcoming projects.

Fans were treated to a special live performance of one of Dorsey’s new pieces, along with a sneak peek at some of her other unreleased recordings.

Want to hear the full interview and Dorsey’s captivating music? Tune into the Kingston Happenings archives here: https://radiokingston.org/en/broadcast/kingston-happenings/episodes/kingston-happenings-96



Here is a link to just one of Gail Ann Dorsey’s many stellar performances: