Fourth of July Fireworks Are Back on Kingston’s Waterfront!

Big news, Kingston! Everyone will be able to enjoy fireworks on Kingston’s unique waterfront once again, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar and O’Connor & Partners, along with Thomas J. Feeney Enterprises (Feeney Ship Yard).

Fireworks on the Rondout Waterfront have been a tradition since the T.R. Gallo administration, when they were the culmination of a three day (!) celebration that included dozens of vendors along with plenty of local entertainment, as well as world class performers like Jefferson Starship, Three Dog Night and Don McClean. Over the years, the Fourth of July celebration in Kingston has evolved to become a one-day festivity, taking some time off for the pandemic. This year, the main draw will be a spectacular fireworks display!

Fireworks at Ole Savannah after Ian Flanigan Concert – 6/27/21

Dave Amato, proprietor of Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar, stated that he and the other sponsors of this year’s Fourth of July fireworks display feel that it is important for the community to come together for an evening of joyous celebration, especially after the COVID crisis. As sponsors, not only does Ole Savannah help to fund the event, but they also coordinate the logistics with the City of Kingston, the fireworks provider, and help secure a barge to safely launch the fireworks from.

As the Wurt’s Street Bridge is undergoing repair, this year’s fireworks will be launched from a barge on the Rondout Creek in front of Ole Savannah and they will be visible from numerous locations along the waterfront, especially in front of the Hudson River Maritime Museum, along Rondout Landing toward Ole Savannah.

Hosting a community celebration such as the Fourth of July isn’t something out of the ordinary for Dave Amato and Ole Savannah. Just this past winter they installed an ice skating rink which was the venue for a community Winter Fest, and they frequently host fundraisers for local non-profits and organizations such as the Ulster County SPCA, the ARC of Kingston, Junior League, Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History, UPWIFT and many more!

We look forward to a delightful display of fireworks sponsored by Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar and O’Connor and Partners as well as the fireworks barge being provided by Thomas J. Feeney Enterprises (Feeney Ship Yard) and encourage everyone to come out, get a beverage of choice and a bite to eat and celebrate our nation’s birthday!


Date: 7/4/2022

Time: Shortly after dark

Place: Kingston, NY Rondout Waterfront

From the City of Kingston: 

Free Shuttle Service to Run for Fourth of July Festivities

KINGSTON, NY – Mayor Steven T. Noble and Ulster County Area Transit are pleased to announce that there will be a free shuttle service running to the waterfront area on Monday, July 4th for the fireworks display.

The free shuttle service will make regular pick-ups from the Kingston Plaza (adjacent to the ballfield off of Westbrook Lane), from the Cornell Street parking lot (Thomas Street lot near Little Italy), and along Broadway at the Governor Clinton, the Andy Murphy Center, and Yosman Towers, dropping off at Garraghan Drive. There will also be a continuous shuttle from the parking lot at Kingston Point Beach. Busses will start picking up at 5:00pm and the last bus will depart the Rondout at 11:30pm.

“A huge thanks to UCAT for providing the community with a free shuttle service to enjoy the Fourth in a safe and convenient way,” said Mayor Noble. “We encourage folks to take advantage of the shuttle service, as parking will be very limited in the Rondout area. We look forward to celebrating the Fourth, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.”

The fireworks are being sponsored by Ole Savannah and O’Connor & Partners, The fireworks will be set off from a barge in the Rondout Creek and will be visible east of the 9W Bridge just after dark. Parking will be limited.

Facebook event: