Animal Abuse Discussion with SPCA Executive Dir. Gina Carbonari and U.C. Asst. DA Sohil Sharedalal on Kingston Happenings Radio Show


Animal abuse is a serious issue with devastating consequences for animals. Thankfully, Ulster County has a dedicated team working to protect our furry, feathered and scaly friends. In this episode of the Kingston Happenings Radio Show, host Kevin Godbey sits down with SPCA Executive Director Gina Carbonari and Ulster County Assistant District Attorney Sohil Sharedalal to discuss the realities of animal abuse in our community and how they’re working together to address it.

The interview delves into the complexities of confronting animal abusers, considering the social factors that may contribute to the problem, and navigating the intricacies of animal protection laws. You’ll also learn about the vital role of the Ulster County SPCA’s humane law enforcement officers and the dedicated Assistant DA who work tirelessly to investigate and prosecute cases of animal cruelty.



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