American Percussion Instruments by Ken Lovelett

My name is Ken Lovelett and I design and make unique percussion instruments. Mostly, I make percussion instruments that are derivatives from many different cultures. I will combine some of these differences into an instrument with some unique alterations.

I call my company American Percussion Instruments by Ken Lovelett to acknowledge and to celebrate the coming together of different ethnicities that bring culture, religion, art, cuisine and of course music together.

Over the years I’ve been asked many times if I made my instruments for kids, Well I finally decided to do it. “AMERICAN PERCUSSION FOR KIDS” These percussion instruments are smaller versions of the adult instruments. Please, know that they are not toys but real instruments made from quality materials and are mostly non breakable and should last a long time. Small wood disc shakers, Funky egg shakers, mini caxixi, shaker drums, mini rain wheels, mini rhythm chambers, mini klams, mini travolettes, mini spring things and more to come. Check in from timer to time to see what’s new!!

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