Downtown Rondout Waterfront District


    Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History
    99-101 Broadway
    Kingston NY 12401

    The Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History is converting historic Reher’s Bakery into a cultural center and museum focusing on immigrant stories of the Hudson Valley. We are preserving and revitalizing this rare, intact 19th-century building to create a vibrant new resource that welcomes local residents and visitors alike. Our tours and programs, on the […]

    Rondout Lighthouse
    Rondout Creek Lighthouse
    Kingston NY 12401

    The Rondout Lighthouse is the last of three lighthouses marking the entrance to the Rondout Creek. Still fully operational as a navigational light, the Rondout lighthouse is one of only seven remaining on the Hudson River. This brick lighthouse, completed and lit in 1915, is accessible only by boat. Owned by the City of Kingston […]

    Trolley Museum of New York
    89 E. Strand
    Kingston NY 12401

    The Trolley Museum of New York (TMNY) has been in downtown Kingston on the Rondout Waterfront since 1983. TMNY is a educational Museum that offers hands on exhibits of early model Trolleys and Subway cars. Step back in time as you take a ride on Car 358 along the rails originally used by the Ulster […]