Zoonotic Disease/Pandemic Link Educational Outreach Street Action #7

Date(s) - 01/16/2021
1:00 pm-3:00 pm

Barnes and Noble


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
For those who feel safe enough, please join us for our 7th educational outreach street action. It is critical that we remain consistent with our message and continue to inform the public about the link between zoonotic diseases and pandemics.
We are bringing to light the SCIENCE behind emerging viruses and what we can do to reduce the chances of another pandemic. We believe it is necessary to guide people in making the connection between the foods we eat, how we treat the environment and how this increases the chance that more viruses will jump from non-human animals to human animals.
We feel, strongly, that any and all who participate in these street actions MUST be prepared to answer the question, “What is a zoonotic disease?”* We all need to have the same answer. We are “selling” science. Everything is so tragically different, now. We are no longer living in the world we lived in 6 months ago. All of humanity is so emotionally raw, tempers could flare. When we’re out on the street, educating about how veganism can prevent pandemics, emotions MUST be pushed to the back burners. Focus on the educational information MUST be maintained at all times. Especially, when the “student” is looking for verbal combat.
Therefore, we ask that there be NO yelling, arguing or any aggressive behavior. If we are met with hostility, we ask that all efforts be made to deescalate the situation. If you feel uncomfortable or need help deescalating a situation, please find Tony and he will assist.
***We had a situation during our first street action where deescalation was not even a remote possibility. In cases like that, we ask that everyone PLEASE IGNORE the person and we will call the police right away if it seems the aggressor is not leaving right away.***
* Zoonotic diseases are illnesses that can spread between animals and people. And in most instances, our systems do not have immunity to the new disease.
The location we posted is the address for Barnes and Noble, however, we will be standing along Ulster Ave. at the intersection (across the street from Verizon and the Kings Mall Shopping Center).
We have a banner and signs – just bring yourself!
PLEASE wear a MASK. We will have some extra masks, gloves and hand sanitizer available.
***Hand and toe warmers will also be available!***


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