William Wellman’s “Wings”


Sun, Nov 12, 2023    
2:00 pm-4:30 pm


Rosendale Theater
408 Main St, Rosendale, New York, 12472

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Two young men from the same town but different social classes end up as fighter pilots in WWI. Jack Preston is a keen auto mechanic, building and modifying cars. David Armstrong comes from a wealthy family and are both in love with the same woman, Sylvia. WWI interrupts the romantic entanglements as Jack and David enlist in the US Army Air Service They become friends are both posted to the same fighter squadron in France, where being a fighter pilot means every day could easily be your last. Look for Gary Cooper; he’s only in the movie for 2 minutes, but it made him a star!!
Silent Film with live accompaniment by Marta Waterman