Wednesday Walks for Black Lives

Date(s) - 07/01/2020
5:00 pm

Academy Green Park


Bi-monthly Walks for Black & Brown Lives taken by perpetual systematic-structural racism. And for the Mothers & Fathers who are right to label these killings at “lynchings”, and whose tears deserve more real justice than what’s given.

These Walks are coalition driven. And participants may walk or drive, and *social distancing and masks are mandatory*.

!!!These Walks are not for escapism, or non-commitment, or turning-a-blind-eye. If you partake, you commit to justice for the lynchings, for the unanswered tears, for Mothers & Fathers, and communities who have lost. Even if you cannot identify with the Racism against Black & Brown Bodies/Lives, you can Identify as parents, family, and community – and that’s important, and why you participate!!!


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