Tulula with Setting Sun| Colony


Sun, Jan 15, 2023    
8:00 pm


Colony Woodstock NY
22 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, New York

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“Gritty, visceral street poetry cut with surreal mysticism, hints of spy rock and Balkan menace – makes you feel like you have lost not just your way home, but your home itself.” – Hudson Valley 1
“The soundtrack to a technicolor dream with moments of nightmare. Dramatic, atmospheric, spellbinding.” – Pop Dose.
“Very interesting…” – Chronogram.
TULULA! has been stomping around Rip Van Winkle’s dreamland since the mid-oughts. The Acid-Cowboy quintet of Jason Broome, Daniel Weintraub, Rob Norris, Chris Bradley and Megan Gugliotta come off like a mosh pit at a gypsy carnival followed by a seance with the 27 club. Between them, these five veterans of the underground have toured the world, recorded over thirty-five albums and eaten like princes with paupers. Tulula! is sure to whisk you one dance away from the funny farm.
Jason Broome: Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Daniel Weintraub: Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Rob Norris: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Chris Bradley: Drums, Vocals, Glockenspiel
Megan Gugliotta: Strings, Vocals
Driving rhythms, graceful orchestrations, and catchy melodies are at the center of the sound of Setting Sun. The songwriting, arrangements and lyrics were called “dramatic and poignant” by NPR.[1] The sound is centered on the song, with poppy hooks and choruses, while mixing synth experimentalism in with its folky, string-band sound. It is tough to characterize the sound of the band as it’s kind of a crossover between indie-rock, folk and chamber pop music.
After many years doing other music, standup comedy and making children, Gary Levitt and Setting Sun are back with a new record soon to be released, a new set, and a new band complete with 3 part harmonies and lots of new songs.
Gary Levitt – Guitars / Vocals
John Burdick – Bass / Vocals
Lawrence Roper – Synth / Vocals
Jonathan Hambright – Drums
“Incredibly well-crafted songs – USA Today
“Unobtrusively, the band mixes synth experimentalism in with its folky, string-band sound to great effect.” – NPR
“Dramatic and poignant!” – NPR