Todd Adelman: Western Soul CD release party w/ The Woodsmen & Justin Tracy


Sun, Jan 21, 2024    
7:00 pm-10:00 pm


Colony Woodstock NY
22 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, New York

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Todd Adelman’s new record, the forthcoming 2024 release Western Soul, his 7 th release, is a fourteen-song prescription for what ails The American Dream. It’s as if Adelman has checked the vitals, extracted a little blood and scrutinized our diet of political chaos, rampant illness and overwhelming violence and recommended something honest and straight from the gut. Western Soul is a batch of songs borne right out of the American Songwriting Tradition. An homage and a tribute to all those great records we know and love and feel like have been with us from the start. Like the metaphorical country singer Bad Blake says, “that’s the way it is with good ones, you’re sure you’ve heard ‘em before”. And, like his predecessors, Petty and Kristofferson and Prine, Adelman is a Keeper of the Keys. An honest Rock ’n’ Roller. A country gentleman. A storyteller. Straight to the heart. Without pretension or meanness, just an interest in writing a song. A good one. And that’s what Adelman does. Over and over again.
With seven masterful albums under his belt, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Engineer, Todd Adelman has arrived in the Catskills via Colorado and built a studio in the woods simply called The Woods. A place reminiscent of where all your favorite records were made. Tape machines and vintage gear and if you listen closely, the voices of those that came before. It was here in this new, old space, Adelman recorded Western Soul, live over the course of 4 days straight to tape with the help of Taras Prodaniuk on Bass, Jim Christie on Drums, Doug Pettibone on Guitars and Pete Rubens on Piano. Danny Blume produced the record and enlisted some local favorites to add the finishing touches: Larry Campbell, John Medeski, Jeff Hill, Tony Garnier, Brian Mitchell, Jackson Kincheloe, Jefferson Hamer, Zack Djanikian, Justin Tracy and Kurt Ulrich.
You would think one would rest easy with building a studio that rivals any of the legendary studios in the area and writing and recording a new record… but while all of that was happening, Adelman has quietly put together a top-notch band called The Woodsmen. Adelman on vocals and guitar, Danny Blume (Kid Creole and The Coconuts) on guitar, JeffHill (Steve Earle and The Dukes) on bass and John Valesio (Mars America) on drums. The band has already assembled enough tunes for a record and will enter the studio in early 2024.
It’s no surprise really. To spend time with Adelman is to spend time with an old friend. Easy to talk to. Thoughtful and funny. A great listener and calming presence. He talks about making records and making friends and building relationships and how it’s all kind of the same thing. He talks about meeting someone and not knowing them from Adam and by the time they have finished making a record together they have a bond that can’t be broken and they are as close as kin, even though they may never see each other again.
Adelman possesses that tough skin only serious producers have. He gives it to you straight. He seems to want to get to the bottom of it. The truth of it. He wants to hear the song the artist is trying to write and he wants to get it down before it leaves the room. A ghost hunter trying to summon the true spirit evoked and bring it here among the living so we can learn and heal and be together.
Spend some time with Todd Adelman. Listen to one of his records. Visit him in his studio, or catch him live, solo or with his phenomenal band. It’s all the same thing. He will make you a true believer. You will know you’ve met him somewhere before and you’ve heard his tunes, maybe in another place or another bar or another life?