The Magnatone Bros. feat Joel Harrison & Mark Dziuba


Sat, Jun 15, 2024    
7:00 pm-10:00 pm


Lydia's Cafe
7 Old U.S. 209, Stone Ridge, New York

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The Magnatone Bros. feat Joel Harrison & Mark Dziuba

Joel Harrison – guitar

Mark Dziuba – guitar

Jay Anderson – bass

Jeff Siegel – drums


The Magnatone Brothers is a two guitar ensemble led by Joel Harrison and Mark Dziuba. The two like -minded guitarists bonded over the fact that they both own rare and eccentric 1950s guitars made by the Magnatone company. They resolved to do a show where both guitars would speak to each other. Both Joel and Mark are improvisors with an open minded aesthetic which includes all kinds of American Music. Both are composers so expect a mix of originals, jazz tunes, groove- based material, and in general a lot of fine interplay and good fun. The two are joined by illustrious colleagues— Jay Anderson on bass and Jeff Siegel on drums.