Tea Tasting & Demo | Corinne Trang, Liquid Gold Tea at bluecashew

Date(s) - 02/04/2018
11:00 am-5:00 pm

bluecashew Kitchen Homestead


Corinne Trang has been drinking tea since she was a toddler.  In Asian culture, tea is a way of life, and no greeting, no visit, personal or professional, is complete without a cup of tea. As a tea practitioner, Trang has spent long hours contemplating the leaves, learning about them. How is it that a single plant, camellia sinensis, and the caring hands that come in contact with it from harvest to technique, have brought to life dozens of tea varieties over many centuries?

The characteristics of tea are many from delicate to robust, savory to sweet, buttery to grassy, and so much more. Like music, there are crescendos, peaks, overtones, and undertones. Trang’s curiosity into the sacred leaf continues as she sources top quality leaves for her company, Liquid Gold Tea. Highly selective, she will choose only a few teas each year, believing in quality over quantity. “Pleasing the eyes is essential to tea drinking. I look for premium leaves that only have a long finish, but are beautiful when dry and wet,” she says.

During her first in-store tasting, Corinne will be showcasing a lateral tasting of specially selected teas for bluecashew along with traditional gaiwans and fairness pitchers.



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