Date(s) - 04/10/2021
6:00 pm

Virtual Event Only


This is an Introductory Event to present to the community of midtown Kingston our upcoming program and to have people join us and volunteer if possible. You can join us in person at 122 Clinton Avenue or online Via Zoom!
SNUG (“guns” spelled backwards) is an organization that focuses on reducing gun violence. “[SNUG] is an evidence based, street outreach program based on the Cure Violence model that was initiated in Chicago. This model treats gun violence like a disease by identifying its causes and interrupting it’s transmission” The Cure Violence model teaches that individuals can stop the cycle of violence by curbing their own violent practices and using their influence to change how their community views aggression. The model seeks to heal the damage caused by violence, change negative behaviors and empower them to help others leave aggressive patterns behind. The Cure Violence model has a track record of success—in the United States, cities that have implemented the model have seen up to a 73 percent reduction in shootings and killings. In Baltimore, it had a larger effect in reducing non-fatal shootings than any law enforcement activity.
This Event is Co-Hosted by BEYOND OUR FOUR WALLS in Kingston
“Beyond the 4 Walls Outreach Program
US 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization”


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