Sat, Nov 19, 2022    
7:30 pm-9:00 pm


Old Dutch Church
272 Wall St, Kingston, NY, 12401

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In the spectacular sanctuary of the Old Dutch Church, also known as the Cathedral of Kingston, The Erick Hawkins Dance Company will perform an evening of live music and dance with the amazing pianist Anton Fine. 

The Dance Company will begin with Junoesque, a trio which echoes sacred DIMENSIONS of imposing and curvaceous stature. Sacred geometry, a bridge between creation and science, has long been recognized in ancient art, religious imagery, and architecture as in the very sanctuary we occupy. Divine proportions are measurements that CONNECT every living being in the known universe. These geometries build our consciousness and house our spirit. 

A solo, Presence of Light, follows, exposing a sliver of a creature’s vulnerability thrashing through what we, as creatures, are all limited to, our own visceral world within the growing self imposed technological world in which we find ourselves. Transversing and sensing becomes all we know and so easily can be mistaken for all there is to know. This is an ILLUSION that every creature shares. Today, true darkness is hard to find, so is true silence. Technology is desecrating sensory environments to make the invisible visible and the inaudible audible. Human curiosity and imagination gives us the ability to step outside of our own perspectives. We must recognize that this is a profound GIFT and one that comes with great responsibility. 

Show Me wrestles with the feelings that love poses, strikingly revealing no matter how much we as lovers and human beings continually EVOLVE, those feelings emerge over and over again UNCHANGED. 

Law of Contiguity references how sequential occurrences are housed in the mind. Recalling only ONE occurrence manifests the MEMORY of all associated events. Similarly, the sheer immediacy of Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera triggers these dances. Each of the four dancers exchange connections kindled by the sounds of the piano. 

The evening will end with Anton playing the Old Dutch Church’s incredible pipe organ.