Keegan Ales 20th Anniversary Party – The Big Shoe, Dirt Surfers, David Kraai – Pig Roast – Keegan Army Exhibition Games


Sat, Aug 26, 2023    
2:00 pm


Keegan Ales
20 Saint James Street, Kingston, NY, 12401

Event Type

It’s going to be a really BIG SHOW, a really BIG SHOW under a really BIG TENT, ALL DAY and LONG into the NIGHT!


MORE than 20 Beers on tap all day and night!

Chefs BIG E, Eric and JOE BEEZ man the smoker and outdoor grills

Festivities kick off at 2pm with music by David Kraai, the Keegan Army Exhibition Games all afternoon, The DIRT SURFERS take over the stage in the late afternoon followed by the BIG SHOE

This four piece set has been best-of-friends since grade school in the 70s & 80s – much of our time together then centered around the tape deck and what was playing in it while we otherwise rode our BMX bikes, motos and generally punked out. We mostly existed on the fringe of the social sphere by virtue of our shared interests, which included kick-ass punk and rock bands ranging from The Clash, Bad Brains, Ramones, Fugazi, and The Replacements to The Jam, Blondie, The Police, The Cure, GoGo’s, and The English Beat. Meanwhile, Red Zone started several bands on his own while the rest of us spun-off into other life shenanigans through our 20s and 30s – all while still meeting up to surf-the-dirt on occasion and share and enjoy new-found music.

Then, one day out on a mountain bike ride (shred ‘in hard of course!) we thought, “Why don’t we meld our collective passions and create a band?” Shazam… Dirt Surfers! Since then, Kidd Skidd, Slick-E-Boom and Endo have managed to keep Red Zone intrigued in fits and starts – now many years later, we continue to be driven by the same energy that brought us together decades ago – living for the love of music, dirt surfing and generally pushing the comfort level on life to not only enrich ourselves, but hopefully those that we come in contact with along the way – or even better… along the trail…no the pit! Well anyway, here’s to all you Dirt-ers out there!

Check Dirt Surfers out here!

The Big Shoe brings their own style, funk and humor to a wide range of songs from artists such as Stevie Wonder, The Commodores and Kool & The Gang to Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. Additionally, the band peppers their set with amazing, often hilarious, audience-tested originals. This infusion of comedy into a great selection of party and dance music will have you laughing and dancing all night!

Music can be found free online on their website.

Keegan Army Exhibition Games all afternoon – Beer Mile Relay – Corn Hole Tournament – Dartball Home Run Derby – Pickleball Round Robin