GO ALL IN For Mental Health!!


Sun, Mar 26, 2023    
1:00 pm-2:00 pm


Kingston Point Beach
2 Delaware Ave., Kingston, NY, 12401

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In memory and spirit of our fun, loving daughter and sister Cassidy, we are going to “Go All In” the Hudson again to honor her 22nd birthday and raise mental health awareness. Cold water immersion is a natural method of therapy that can help with anxiety and depression, and believe it or not, a regular form of exercise for some people.
If you want to Go All In with us, there are three things you can do to help us honor Cassidy and at the same time make her laugh and smile:
* Meet us at Kingston Point Beach on Sunday March 26th (2 days before Cassidy’s birthday) at 1 pm ready to chill briefly in the Hudson. Please make sure you are in good physical health and remember you can go in as little or as much as you want, or just be there to support us.
* If you can’t make it, or can’t imagine spending a March afternoon in the Hudson, find a place by you to take a cold splash in her honor and send us a pic/video or a cold shower but please no pictures unless you are in a bathing suit!
* Do a random act of kindness in her honor, pay it forward as she loved to do.
I am attaching a link if you would like to donate for Cassidy’s Birthday.
This is a nonprofit organization that shares trauma responsive yoga, meditation and breathing practices that individuals can integrate into their daily lives to help improve their overall mental health. They have been doing amazing work in our community!
Cass loved to have fun and she was always ready to do something exciting. Cass was also altruistic and at a young age appreciated the power of a single act of kindness. One of her favorite movies was “Pay It Forward”, after we watched it together(and cried), she decided to take action. Cass, quite often would buy a homeless person something to eat or drink, purchase an order for the car behind her in the drive thru, or perform another random act of kindness and say “pay it forward”. Each time a magnificent smile appeared on both of their faces.
Amazingly capable of almost anything, Cass started to struggle with her mental health in 9th grade. She tried many different methods over the years to help manage her anxiety and strong emotions. A gifted student, athlete, daughter, sister, and friend, she was also a perfectionist that put a lot of pressure on herself and did not disappoint others. It was important for her to lift the spirit of all those she encountered, while at the same time, fighting her own internal battles with a smile on her face.
On a high school project one of the questions that she had to answer was how she wanted to be remembered if she were to die tomorrow. This was her answer.
“I want to be remembered as a good, kind-hearted person who helped others. I want to impact the lives of those I care about and maybe even those I do not know” – Cassidy Flood
Cassidy was also incredibly brave and a natural leader. On the soccer field, in the classroom, at a party, she was in the middle of everything. It did not matter what it was, Cassidy often was the first one in. Especially when it was time to open up the pools. As far back as we can remember, families would call and say, “I hope this is Ok, we just opened the pool and your daughter jumped in”. It is this year after year memory, and her consistent fearlessness that spurred the idea of our gathering.
Cass continues to make a positive impact on us everyday.
Always Be Kind,

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