Sat, Apr 8, 2023    
7:00 pm-8:00 pm


Arts Society of Kingston (ASK)
97 Broadway, Kingston, New York, 12401

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SUICIDE EYES, a short film by local Taylor Seupel, garnered standing ovations from a
capacity crowd in Kingston on February 17, 2023.
A 14-minute dark comedy meant to kick off discussion about this tough subject, the film
was hailed by many educators in the audience as a must-see for schools and colleges.
The story follows Jake, a young man who decides to end his life. However, there are
consequences he can’t escape, and he must bear witness to the events that unfold.
The film features local actors and locations of the Hudson Valley. Students from the
Digital Media department at SUNY New Paltz also helped with production. It is
dedicated to Seupel’s brother, father, and friend, all of whom died of suicide in 2012.
Taylor Seupel, actor, writer and filmmaker, has pursued his career in Manhattan, England
and Los Angeles as well as in the Hudson Valley. He received his B.A. in Theater from
SUNY, New Paltz, and has performed on stage as well as in film.
Seupel will hold a Q&A reception with refreshments after the film. Admission is free, but
donations to help defray expenses and for film festival fees are accepted.

WHEN: Saturday, March 25, at 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday, April 8, at 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
97 Broadway, Kingston, NY
ADMISSION: Free, but donations are accepted.
PARKING: Broadway parking is limited, but parking is also available at the nearby
police station, 1 Garraghan Drive, and also on Spring Street. At a short
distance, parking is available across from the Maritime Museum, 50
Rondout Landing, Kingston.

Suicide Eyes, a newly released short film by actor Taylor Seupel, is moving, sad and funny, very serious yet humorous, described by Mr. Seupel as a film “meant to prompt discussion of this painful and often taboo subject”, it is so much more. A brief thirteen minutes and fifty one seconds long, it is a plea to those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts to seek help; an exploration of the effect of suicide on those left to mourn.
As film-making, this is an impressive first effort.
Mr. Seupel, self-taught in the various aspects of film-making, was the sole producer for this tightly crafted short film. He wrote the screenplay, as well as assuming the roles of director and editor. The script is well written, with no wasted or self indulgent words. Shot selection feels intuitive and natural, the occasional choice of odd angle serving the scene. And the editing is tight and efficient. Oh – he also acted as the main character.
Produced on a small GOFUNDME budget, this is a short film with an important message. Please support the efforts of this emerging independent filmmaker. –Steven Slawinski
“I’ll be there.” –Ed Morris
“Yes please do another screening for those of us who missed the last one!” — Laurel Sweeney
“I will make it anytime” — Josephine Sweeney
“So glad I was able to see this film tonight. So good. Taylor is super talented. Can’t wait to see this film in festivals and what he creates next.” –Laura Dowling Shea
“Thank you for sharing your gift with us last night. Words cannot express the emotions that welled up in me. I will share about this timely and important film from the rooftops!” –Josephine Sweeney
“So glad I went. Such a treat.” –Carl Welden
“It was a great film. I was privileged to see it.” –Ken Lavery
“Very, very impressive.” — Mickey Revenaugh
“Ahem, don’t be modest, you had several standing ovations!!!” –Diedre Sepp
“It was awesome!!!” –Gina Walker Fox
“Taylor, so glad I was able to attend last night. You were swamped with people both before and after and I didn’t want to interrupt. Yours is an important film and needs screenings and will get more and more accolades along the way. I’m very proud of the person you’ve become and are turning into an extraordinary storyteller. Your sense of humor is wild! Remember (as in education) if you touch/change 1 person you’re a success. You will change many more than that. Keep the message out there. Do the work to keep it out there. If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t be afraid to ask. Best of luck!” — Jim Wegryzn
“So proud of you! You moved all of us in that room. You’re amazing and it was so nice to see you. I truly believe what you’ve created can enlighten many people to get pulled out of their darkness. Very well done.” — Kelly Dunnege
“We were really impressed. I tried to leave an IMDB review but I think you need a pro account. I’m looking forward to more of your work!” — Gabrielle Penabaz
“Sorry I couldn’t make it this time.. please do keep me posted for other showings.” –Heidi K. Eklund-Pyle
“I would love it if you did another screening, I missed it due to illness.” — Gay VanDemark