Calling All Poets (CAPS) Livestream @ Green Kill

Date(s) - 01/14/2021
7:00 pm

Virtual Event Only


Please join Mike Jurkovic for the, Thursday, January 14 Calling All Poets (CAPS) Live Stream at Green kill at 8 PM on Youtube. The featured poets are Teresa Costa, Marina Mati and Cheryl A Rice.
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About the Writers
Teresa Costa
Embarking on a new year w/creative forces and ideas running rampantly
has been writing & re-writing. . . Poems have appeared in Home Planet News, Stained Sheets, Chronogram,CAPS 2020 20th Anniversary Anthology, Glasconade Review presents: Ladies Night 2019, What Dreams May Come (DarkangelPublications 2018), amongst many others. Costa has hosted poetry readings around the Hudson Valley since 2001 at Cross Street Atelier- Saugerties, Muddy Cup in Kingston w/Shirley Powell, Muddy Cup in Saugerties, Bohemian Book Bin, Kingston, Varga Gallery in Woodstock, & hosted the Word oF Mouth Poetry Series @Artbar Gallery in Kingston. Will be doing Pop Up Poetry Readings in & around the Hudson Valley in Spring 2021 & on Zoom. Her website will be up by spring 2021 Teresa is currently working on new book of poetry & a fictitious novel.
For more info:
Mike Jurkovic
A 2016 Pushcart nominee, Mike Jurkivic’s poetry and musical criticism have appeared in over 500 magazines and periodicals (Main Street Rag, North Dakota Quaterly, Raven’s Perch) with little reportable income. Full length collections, AmericanMental, (Luchador Press 2020) Blue Fan Whirring, (Nirala Press, 2018); smitten by harpies & shiny banjo catfish(Lion Autumn Press, 2016) Chapbooks, Eve’s Venom (Post Traumatic Press, 2014) Purgatory Road (Pudding House, 2010) Anthologies: Reflecting Pool: Poets & the Creative Process (Codhill Press, 2018); Like Light: 25 Years of Poetry & Prose (Bright Hill Press, 2018); 11/9 Fall of American Democracy (Independent, 2017)); WaterWrites: A Hudson River Anthology, and Riverine: Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers (Codhill Press, 2009, 2007) Will Work For Peace (Zeropanik, 1999). President, Calling All Poets, New Paltz, Beacon,, NY. Music features, interviews, and CD reviews appear in All About Jazz, Van Wyck Gazette, and Maverick Chronicles 2018-present. Featured poet: London, San Francisco, NYC, Albany, Baltimore. Tuesday night host of Jazz Sanctuary, WOOC 105.3 FM, Troy, NY. Was a monthly contributor to Elmore Magazine, 2008-2016; Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange, 2003-2010; Chronogram, 2005-2007. His column, The Rock n Roll Curmudgeon, appeared in Rhythm and News Magazine, 1996-2003. His photo-visualizations have been published sporadically and exhibited twice in the Hudson Valley.
He loves Emily most of all.
Marina Mati
Marina has featured in NYC and the Hudson Valley at performance venues, cafes, bars, and bookstores. Her poetry has also been featured by Jonathan Wolfman on his Passionate Justice podcast. Publishing credits include many anthologies, Napalm Health Spa / MAP, editor Jim Cohn, and BigCityLit, editor Nick Johnson, CAPS 2020 20th Anniversary Anthology, editor Roger Aplon, among others. Her chapbook is entitled cave-speak. Calling All Poets has been her poet-home for over 15 years and she has served on the board. Marina is from NYC and now lives in the Hudson Valley. I am pleased to be taking a stand with my fellow-poets.
Cheryl A. Rice
The Wages of Moonlight
I first saw myself around the age of four. We lived in the first floor of a house in Wyandanch. There was a broken-down pavilion in the yard that we were warned to stay away from. I drank the last drops of soda syrup from bottles waiting by the back door to be returned.
I am compelled to recall the past in fits and starts. Like those drips of soda syrup, the past returns with some effort, and little welcome.
The artist who comes back to me again and again these days is Anna Held. A brief flash in the early 1900s, her star was polished by Ziegfeld, but she was the one who shone. A powerful Jewish refugee who adopted the persona of a Parisian coquette, she died at 46 of a rare disorder we still have no cure for.
I am supported by those ancient stars, paid to excess by the moon and her fickle appearances. Support comes first from within. If there is any applause about, enjoy it for what it is—the current phase of consent.
In the last few months, convention as we know it has been upended. I long to return to that broken-down pavilion of the past, stepping carefully around floorboards that will bear no weight. I long for the trumpet vines and moonflowers that surely by now have created the only roof it ever needed. I long for the sweetness of soda syrup, dappled with impurities, from bottles beside the tin milk box. I long for the milkman and his shiny white slacks.
Upon waking, I immediately miss the moon, no matter her demeanor of the night before. I rush to the bathroom, and am not ashamed of it. Any who pretend otherwise are invoking a false narrative.
Art is a sign of society. Without it we are beasts, tearing our masks off in a crowded Walmart, lengthening the stay of immoral diseases by kisses of black dust.
The act of creation offers me clarity, not intoxication. I am reassured that I am still connected to the segment of humanity that has both feet in the dirt and eyes in the stars.


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