ArtPort Kingston presents We Are All in this Together

Date(s) - 10/31/2020
12:00 pm-5:00 pm



ArtPort Kingston presents We Are All in this Together
October 10 – Nov 7, 2020
Opening reception: October 10, 5-7pm @The Cornell Steamboat Building, 108 East Strand, Kingston, NY 12401
Open Hours: Sat & Sun 12-5pm
Artists: Doreen McCarthy, Alexander Hammond, Kirsten Hassenfeld, Jacinta Brunnel, Jennifer Dalton, Ann
Tarantino, Patricia Tewes Richards and continuing on view with works by, Mary Ann Strandell, Roxanne
Faber Savage, Stefan Saffer, Jeila Gueramian, Susan Rowe Harrison, Karlos Carcamo, Dan Devine, Michelle
Weinberg, Christine Stiver and others.
We live in difficult and challenging times, which demand from us to be flexible, spontaneous,
compromising, caring, and innovative to solve the multitude of new issues we are facing as a society.
What is our communal awareness, what do we all have in common and what are our goals as individuals
shaping our community in diverse ways. What matters to us? Is it hearing opinions or taking action? How
can extreme differences come together to embrace life just as it is now?
Art in times of crisis, often is seen as useless, helpless and unimportant. But we all can learn from art
that highlights contrasts, creates crazy combinations, brings the most outrageous opposites to shape
an object that has the power to touch each of us individually. Often artists are not afraid to engage,
marching forward into unknown territory and playing with dangerous elements which might naïvely
inform. Just take a moment to think of something in our modern society that allows you to have an
immediate opinion about it. Art – hate or love it– usually we can experience it in a more relaxed
manner, allowing us to debate and challenge each other without direct fighting. We all think of “art” as
being harmless but the power to initiate a thought, a comment, or a reaction in a constructive and
creative way is enormous. Art might seem to have less of an “agenda” other then reaching out to
initiate change and debate, but it can have a significant impact that goes much deeper. If an artwork
manages to enter your train of thought and derailed you for only one second, it is to your benefit
because sitting in the train barely lets you think about the train and its direction.
The exhibition “ WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER” welcomes everbody, of any religious belief, political
lean, color, gender, mood, social background or origin. Visit #ArtPortKingston and experience our new
artworks for a moment of OTHERNESS like other thoughts, other feelings and another smile.
Contact: Laurie De Chiara, ArtPort Director/Curator,,
ArtPort is a newly established cultural space in the historic Cornell Steamboat Building along the Rondout
Creek in Kingston located at 108 E Strand. ArtPort’s aim is to be a destination for art experiences and
unconventional interaction between contemporary art and a wide range of audiences.


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