Art Exhibition: “The Making of …”

Date(s) - 03/15/2020
12:00 pm-5:00 pm

Cornell Steamboat Building


The inaugural exhibition of ArtPort in the Cornell Steamboat Building on the East Strand in Kingston, —The Making of… echoes the history of the site where steamboat engines were constructed for over 100 years on the Rondout Creek. ArtPort plans to nurture the burgeoning creative energy of the Hudson River Valley to become a dynamic hub for arts and culture in Kingston.
The Making of… blurs the boundaries between the MADE and the MAKING. The exploration of materials is the impetus in the making and also becomes a process of discovery. Materials provoke a dialogue between the art and the audience. Contemporary culture often alienates individuals and there is a need to share in a communal experience. What brings people and experiences together at the Kingston waterfront? What is the experience the work creates for the artist and the viewer?
Materiality in art is the careful consideration towards the outcome. Every choice an artist makes has an effect and the process is a curious evolution of exploration. Is it the outcome or the experience that is more valuable? In Jeila Gueramian’s immersive installation, there is a range of materials that engulf you into a world of handcrafted up-cycled textiles woven together in a fantastical adventure. Miwa Koizumi makes delicate creations out of discarded plastic bottles transforming the materials into an elegant new form while giving meaning to a tossed away object. Traci Talasco’s brightly patterned scratch + sniff papers over architectural elements evoke a sense of memory and place. The organically assembled constructions of Ruby Palmer are architectural improvisations that reflect a momentary view or a memory.
The Making of… curated by Laurie De Chiara welcomes all to engage with the artwork and offers visitors an opportunity to create their own stories and come away with new memories.


Artists: Dasha Bazanova, Undine Brod, Gabe Brown, Melissa Dadorian, Jeila Gueramian, Elana Herzog, Miwa Koizumi, Ann Mailey, Susan Meyer, Ruby Palmer, Traci Talassco, Clare Torina, Christine Stiver, Julie Hedrick, Samantha Strand, Rachel Urkowitz, Roberta Ziemba and others.


February 15 – March 29, 2020
Opening reception: February 15, 4-6pm
The Cornell Steamboat Building 108 East Strand Kingston, NY 12401
Open Hours: Sat & Sun 12-5pm


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